The tech team you wanted

Vectorwork has been serving customers since 2012.

Our Core Values

Sublime was founded in 2009 with a mission to make the most out of the email marketing channel.
A team without teamwork is not a team. We believe the strength despite our small team is our belief that we are building beautifully crafted solutions our client love.
We place high value on trust as most of the staffs work remotely but contribute tremendously to the company's business.
We take our client's data privacy very seriously. We do not sell our clients' data and make sure we don't abuse our privileges.
Staff Wellfare
An important core value that our company stands by. Helps us create a better environment for our employees to grow as a team.
Our Client
We believe our clients are our business partners that believe in our team to deliver value to and for them
Doing your research
Without our thirst for new technologies and research, we will be sitting duck. Our efforts to provide value usually comes from unlike placess/research.

The V-Team.

Eng Tien, Ong
Sho, Ng
Stev, Tan
Max, Toh

Career Opportunities

Machines are great. Reliable machines are even better. But do you know what’s best? Reliable humans.

Our office

12-03, Suria Jaya E-SOFO, Seksyen 16,
40200, Shah Alam, Selangor